It would look like this:

Saturday afternoon washing my car
5:39 PM Jul 25th from web

Sunday afternoon washing my car
3:22 PM Jul 26th from Twitterific

Monday afternoon still washing my car
2:54 PM Jul 27th from web

Tuesday afternoon, and washing my car (New car polish!)
3:48 PM Jul 28th from web

Mid-week and washing my car
6:34 PM Jul 29th from Tweetdeck

These giggly subordinates laughed at me for my weekend plans of carwashing. Plebeians.
7:16 PM Jul 30th from web

Oh I forgot to say I’ll be washing my car by moonlight later.
7:17 PM Jul 30th from web

TGIF I’m washing my car!
6:17 PM Jul 31st from Tweetdeck