Sitting home nursing a severe case of laryngitis brings out the worst possible pangs of wanderlust.
I know Tokyo is less than a fortnight away, but y’know, Europe is numero uno for this girl.

So, back to the home-bound issue. In a bid to quell the bubbling wanderlust, I turn to my arsenal of travel pictures.

Here’s Salzburg, June 2008.
Where I met some of the coolest people, cheered on the side of the Swedes for their EuroCup match against the home side and of course, did the compulsory skip around THE gazebo.

You are 16 going on 17!

As is the case on all of my trips, the people I meet and faces I capture are infinitely more important than any cathedral, park, museum or priceless artpiece I could find.

This was a little Japanese lady, no taller than 4″5, posing for a quick picture with one of the biggest dogs I’ve ever seen.
Curiously, my picture underwhelms the real sheer contrast and the smile that this moment brought me.


(I wanted to belt out THE HILLS ARE ALIVE, inspired by the spirited Maria von Trapp. Tad corny, that would have been)



The cutest vikings you’ll ever find!
(The Swedes won, by the way)


You’ve got to love a city where the policemen at the fanzone pledge their allegiance by dressing to the occasion.


Cheering on the home team is a family affair.


The friendliest twins I’ve ever met. They were speaking to me in German and I was replying in English.
But somehow, we all understood one another.



White balloons across the street from Mozart’s birthplace
(I presume the bike owner ran out of red balloons)
white balloon day


Salzburg ♥
I’ll be back, before you know it.