Have you ever walked by somebody on the street and just had to, even if it killed you, take a picture to remember that moment forever?

This was one of these moments for me.



Daikanyama, the Tokyo go-to for everything bohemian and gone-with-the-wind.

I saw her walking her dog just before we were about to disappear into the next small alley. Her heels, in their chunky, clinical glory, blinded me immediately. I’m not even sure if these were real Chanels or knock-offs, but the spacey perforated detailing and the marbley road reflecting off the back of the heels just. got. me.

And THE BAG. Yum.

I also have a very soft spot for splattered/sprayed jeans. Almost as much as I like wet-look leggings (I practically live in mine). Like chunky heels and leather bags with a ton of hardware and zippers, all these separates give a girl a zing of masculinity that I have come to be unable to do without, in my own wardrobe choices.

But the toy poodle is quite a reminder that she is all voooooman!