I haven’t been in a country that takes its convenience stores, or konbini, as seriously as Japan does.


I was floored when I entered my first one in Tokyo. Rows and rows of amazing foods, packaged thoughtfully with the exact utensils and extra details you’ll find you can’t do without once you chow down. Konbini is a science in itself, fo’sho.

And did I mention that there’s none of that awful cardboard-tasting plastic-smelling gunk we’ve come to associate so closely with convenience store food?

Calories on everything: GOOD JOB (Not that it helped us make decisions that were less artery-clogging)

Oden: The best invention in the world. Such guilt-free comfort food is always fine by me.


We came to love the thoughtfulness of the nifty utensils, perfectly-shaped plastic parts that prevent slushing or spillage. Especially on the speeding Shinkansen trains.


& of course, who doesn’t love the mighty selection of cheap-as-hell Japanese beer? Gold star for Sapporo, in my opinion. D and T clearly agree.

Konbini Ichiban!