Genesis & Kevin on Junebug

9 September 2009.

This only means plenty of couples will be getting hitched today.
(Not me, of course. More luck in 2019.)

I would have missed the date if J didn’t point it out to me in a text he sent me in the morning.  Tad cheesy to get married for a pretty-sounding date, but I’m sure many blushing brides will have wedding bands slipped onto their dainty fingers by nervous grooms today.

Seems like it’s a very Asian-thing – or more specifically Singaporean and Malaysian – to pick a date that not only sounds nice, but also is deemed auspicious. When I googled the date, it seems like headlines like ‘Auspicious Wedding Dates!’and ‘2009 Good Dates for Weddings!” come primarily from these two geographical neighbours.

For the Chinese, 长长久久 perhaps?

Argh NO.
Still so cheesy!