Leica Mini-3l-camera

Bidding Bidding.

Like my parents used to say when my brother was into bowling: hobbies cost money. And some hobbies cost more than others.

Photography is clearly one of them.

This baby too, but at a much lower price.
Yashica MF2

Yashica MF2_2ebay

I’m really hoping I get these bids and that these babies find their way to me as soon as possible. The dadster is headed my way in mid-November and it’d be great to take him around London, snapping away together.

He’s always been a purist, telling me he misses the days of film cameras and working in the dark room. I’m probably better at digital photography than he is but I’m definitely no match in the film department!

It’s kinda cute when you think about it.. he’ll take me through the baby (re-orientation) steps with film photography, just like 23 years ago when he probably held my hand as I first started walking.