Pregnant Goldfish

When I look at some street inspirations – like this one – I think to myself:
Dayum. If I had to choose just one get-up to put on for every single remaining day of my life,
this would be IT.

But of course most of the time I’m just being dramatic. These eureka! moments are hardly singular.
As one would observe from my numerous I-WANT-WHAT-SHE/HE-IS-WEARING posts.

But look at this one! The hiked-up cinched solid tunic. The pleats. The fitted blazer. The slouchy hobo. The leggings. The Amazonian legs. It’s not a case of me lusting over one of two of the things on her – I want all her separates!

I should start a folder and collect these this-would-be-it pictures.
All the oh-that’s-me things that catch my eye.
Not that my existing wardrobe isn’t streamlined enough already. I can be so predictable; I hope it’s in a good way!