I haven’t been very good at posting the past two weeks. A part-time job on top of copious amounts of reading don’t give one much time to wax lyrical about all things decadent and beautiful.

I did take some time to enjoy a good birthday with the friends andddd… the Olympus PEN E-P1 found itself into my arms by, err, what I think can only be best described as peculiar means..

Olympus says it’s not a point and shoot and not a DSLR either. What is really lovely is that it can capture DSLR-quality images all within the compact body of portable camera. I’m really excited to start shooting some good stuff soon.

A while ago Q and I were discussing about how we both wanted to get ourselves DSLRs but both agreed that we were holding back because of the difficulty of shooting on-the-go while travelling. I guess with my new toy, this solves the problem entirely!