The Cherry Blossom Girl

J is right; it would be so completely fetch to do a Halloween shoot on the streets, with all the annual ghouls, witches in heinous wigs and facepaint-smeared faces coming out to play.

But what’s even cooler is starring in your very own fright-night shoot! Like the inimitable Cherry Blossom Girl has.

Although I’m not sure if I would fancy camping out at a cemetery on that witching day.

On a completely un-Halloween note, I also love her dress. I’m not that hot about toga dresses (because of my incredibly squarish shoulders), but I do love chiffon layers that peel away to reveal a cotton or satin underneath of a completely contrasting tone or pattern. It’s hard for me to describe this preference without sounding ridiculous, but it just makes a get-up that much more fun for me.

Witchy exploits

Now I reallyyyy want to get black lippy and a jet black bob wig with bangs just for shits and giggles.

On another note, my landlady just told me she used to live in Pendle Hill, where the biggest witch hunt in English history took place in 1612, well before the more infamous Salem witch slaying. People flock there every October 31st, I’m also told.

She spent ten minutes feeding me tales of her time there – which was, to put it diplomatically, most unusual.

Spoooooky much!