The hurried get-up I threw together on Thursday morning after waking up late for class. This outfit was a combination of all the most-recently-washed items sitting on my dresser, I kid you not.

Oh why do I like to carve out such a harrowing existence for myself all the time?

But I’m pleasantly surprised the harried mish-mash turned out pretty okay. I only started to question if I looked like a ridiculous splash of mismatched colours after I had ran like a mad fiend and was safely on the train to school.

I guess I should be happy because this means the things in my wardrobe complement each other? Or alternatively I could also rejoice because this means I’ll always only be marginally late because it doesn’t take me too long to decide what to wear? Matchy matchy much.

CL asked if she could take a picture of me after class and that’s how we stopped for two minutes outside our not-so-lovely library. I guess she liked my red shoes. Haha.