So I finally had my fill of Korean town again!

New Malden ftw!

New Malden is one of those sleepy suburban towns (is it even a town?) where the streets look the same, year after year. Curiously, this is something I love – being able to come back after some time away and know that most of the nooks and crannies you explored before are still tucked in pretty much the same place and you can find what you want where you always knew it to be.

Leuven is pretty much like this too.

So we walked the streets and it was all the same, as when I first visited almost a full year ago.

New Malden’s also great for charity shops, which are aplenty on its main street. It’s not exactly vintage heaven but it’s definitely great if you’re a seasoned digger.ย I scored a pair of heavy-duty brown boots at a steal from some random shoe store. Was considering a black Max and Co blazer as well but I didn’t feel like repairing loose buttons so that went back onto the rack.

I MUST internalise the fact that Su La does not open on Sundays and plan all my future trips to New Malden on any day except that! I was uber disappointed when my favourite Korean restaurant slipped off the list of to-do’s for today ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

The substitute was a sad image trailing in its shadow, eating its dust.



Bad bibimbap makes me sad ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Thankfully our last stop at the Korean-Mart filled my check-out basket with Choco Pie, chocolate Peppero sticks, Japanese redbean mochi, really cheap homemade tofu, dwenjjang (bean paste), beansprouts in sesame oil, roasted Korean seaweed, a 1.8L bottle of Calpis and of course, packets of Korean ramyeon.

And the world was good again.