I could live in slouchy white tees every single day and still constantly be on the lookout for another star of the same family.

The Teamo tees for La Dama are très beau. Especially the Kate Moss handsketch; but of course I’m biased. Nothing Kate could go too bad, no?

The thing I like about slouchy tees is that you can wear them in whatever way you want, without giving too much thought into it. Seeing as how I practically live in my sizeable collection of leggings every single day, tees work right up my alley.

It’s also great on dreary London mornings when your brain doesn’t want to go into overdrive because it’s enough of a pain to have to roll yourself out of your warm bed.


Ingenious! Tee scarf ftw.

There’s also a Teamo twino version of the tee starring the Olsens. But it would have been cool if Baez had handsketched them as Michelle Tanner – I loved the Olsen duo best in those magic Full House years.