[Peanut butter and marshmellow truffles by Cupcakesinjars via Etsy]

I don’t have a sweet tooth BUT of course I’m a sucker for good old dessert food porn! Gloriously silky cream, decadent streaks of marbling, a spray of stray crumbs, delicious spongy pores of sliced cakes, cracking crusty pie tops…

Macro function up and running!

[Ovaltine ice-cream from Spot. Picture by The Girl Who Ate Everything]

And churros always remind me of the many lazy afternoons I spent in Spain.
[Churros with spiced chocolate bisque by Cannelle et Vanille]

[Red velvet cake by Joy the Baker]

I shot these last June when I was in Zurich. It’s not my favourite city in the world, but I make a compulsory stop there whenever I can because it’s the home of Sprüngli and their beyond-amazing luxemburgerli.

Glut glut.
Now I’m looking at my pot of beef and pink lentil tomato stew (which I initially thought was a triumph for a lazy schoolday) and feeling sorry for myself.