Nice languid days of unproductiveness and end-of-term parties mask the sad fact that most of our Christmas holidays will be spent writing essays.

But it was an awesome day well spent. Happy thoughts happy thoughts.

(And yes, that IS a zebra peeking out across my chest)

And the first greeting from J (today, or any day) is this.

C and I stole a little seminar time to fleamarket. I scored myself a pair of tan leather brogues and she went bang on trend with cat-eye glasses.

The Bonnie working, well, The Bonnie

Everybody loves my bendy headband, it is evident.

Love-Hate relationship.
Mostly Hate now though, because he told us we should lose weight.

F: You should lose weight.
J: We can lose weight. But you can’t lose age.

I need more than a little antenna to absorb all the wisdom in the world for my essays.
More like a satellite dish.