[Oversized geometric boyfriend cardigan in black by BABOOSHKA, via Etsy]

This honestly made me gasp when I chanced upon it. BABOOSHKA has done it again.

Even the item description made me chuckle:

Who needs a boyfriend when you have this lovely sweater to snuggle up with!
Day or night companionship is one click away!

I seriously have a weakness for huge slouchy sleeves tapered into fitted cuffs. So delish.

And this caught my eye too; I’d really love for it to be a permanent fixture in front of them peepers.

[Vintage Christian Dior iconic logo sunglasses on SouvenirSouvenir, via Etsy]

I’ve never been a fan of Dior, but the clever C & D wordplay design works wonders on a frame this huge.

But really, I want a sweater to snuggle up to! My Uniqlo merrino wool sweaters have been quite the snuggle-upper for me, but of course they don’t cut it the way a BABOOSHKA. OVERSIZED. GEOMETRIC. BOYFRIEND. CARDIGAN. IN. BLACK. can!