Where do you think is the best place to hold one of these crayons?
Between your fingers or between your lips?

Honestly I probably like food a tad too much for my waistline to thank me for, but it isn’t often that I get blown away gastronomically. Unlike my too-frequent homage to fashion and shopping.

But this! This is sheer genius!
Crayon health bars!
Who knew that a fascinating mix of powdered natural ingredients would go such a long way in creating something that is what it isn’t? A thousand times more fun than stuffy molecular cuisine foodplay too, imho. In a world where instant food dyes are available even in the ickiest of day-glo hues and where kids have birthday cakes that are conveniently topped with ready-made preservative-laden coloured icing, Luxiare’s cuisine is almost ethereal.

One of the colour sets: “Processed nuts, sesame seeds…and moistened with melted marshmellow

The moulding

Wouldja look at that!

And if you’re up to trying it out on your own…