So here I sit, after midnight, craving for a sizzling bowl of bibimbap (or bimbimbong, as B hilariously coined it today) while sifting through the scores of food pictures I’ve taken over the years. Not the wisest thing to be doing at this hour.

I thought I did quite a good job today as I banged up a whole pot of salmon and porcini mushroom risotto, albeit the fact that it was a tad wetter than I’d have liked because I used Korean rice and not arborio. But it really doesn’t cut it now, as I’m suffering from sad hunger pangs and a serious case of food envy.

I also would not mind:

Steak & ale pie from EAT

California maki from Hare & Tortoise.

Starter platter of prawn and crab cakes with cream dressing from La Barca.

Chicken and mushroom lor mai fun from anywhere in Chinatown.

The freshest, juciest, fattest scallops ever at Borough Market.

Yummy pulse veggie burgers, also from the awesome Borough.

And a nice cup of half-thick-half-runny hot chocolate to round everything up.

I am such a glut.
I should really train my body to expect lettuce instead of lard, and then maybe the brain and willpower will follow.