[Doe Bella Fifi Moda Tee, available on Pac Sun, by FiFi Lapin]

I’m a white t-shirt fan and my closet is bursting with plain ones in every cut, shape and size imaginable. (I even have one in size 20 that I put on when I feel like having something hang lifelessly off me)

While I generally prefer plain white tees or at most, a couple of black swish prints on them, who could resist bunny kisses? Especially Fifi’s.

[Doe Fifis Blue Pearls Tee]

The sweater tees are also incredibly awe-ish.

[Fifi Lapin sweater tees, out-of-stock on Forever 21, by Fifi Lapin]

Bella Moda bunny loving?
Oui Oui Oui!