I just read something my sister wrote and, maybe in the midst of so much weariness and the fact that I’m upset I’m not going to be at home for the Lunar New Year, I find myself incessantly tearing up here.

That’s us up there – at some moments imps in partnership and too much of the time, we grew up in a web of spite and jealousy. For most of this, I still blame myself because I should have known how to take care of her better as the older one. Right?

I’m incredibly blessed because the past few years have magically restored our dysfunctional relationship. We’re like day and night, but I still light up when people say they think we talk the same, walk the same, deadpan the same way and never cry over worthless things.

I always say this, but probably never enough.
You know, wherever you are,  I always, always have your back.