[White and grey tanks: H&M. Checkered cotton jacket: Vintage, Tokyo. Wetlook leggings: Zara. Boots: Shoezone, New Malden.]

We had hotpot two nights in a row, complete with very obese dumplings that kept bursting when we put them into boiling broth. (It doesn’t pay to be greedy)

And of course, what is lunar new year without White Rabbit Candy? Growing up, my grandma never bought any other sweets for the festive holiday save for White Rabbit Candy and Trebor’s butterscotch toffees. Our sticky little fingers would work really fast alternating between these and her buttery pineapple tarts. Speaking of my grandma, she would be really happy to know that I wore red this year instead of my usual inauspicious grey or white. This red checkered cotton jacket is my favourite-ever vintage find – procured in a little basement in Shibuya, Tokyo. It might look like a really ordinary find, but you won’t believe how difficult it is for me to find checkered clothing that looks and feels just right. Not too long, too checkered, too uncheckered, too thick, too colourful or too cuffed. Just right.