I like pugs. Especially ones who shake their tushies as they waddle by.

[Striped top: H&M. Oversized hoodie: H&M. Olive green jacket: Lee Jeans. Shorts: Zara. Tights: Accessorise. Booties: Neu Look]

Our day trip to Windsor Castle, the Stonehenge and the Roman Baths was a tad disappointing. Castles and cathedrals just don’t cut it for me; give me concentric circles of blue stone boulders anytime. JP predicted I would be bored out of my mind at the Stonehenge, but he was wrong – I liked it! Enough to make two whole trips around the boulders just snapsnapsnapsnapping away.

I won’t write about Bath because it really deserves a full trip’s worth of  attention, not just an hour and seven minutes.