[Black & Gold (Tribute to McQueen), k v n by kevin nguyen]

[Lace batwing hoodie, modelled by Rachel Nguyenk v n by kevin nguyen]

[Kevin Nguyen]

The thing I like about going to the Sunday Upmarket at Brick Lane is the significant amount of unabashed talent you can find in one single space, just like how I discovered Laura Dawson and a pair of the coolest shorts ever.

Since then, I haven’t yet actually gotten really excited over an independent designer’s work. Till now, that is. k v n by kevin nguyen was a very accidental discovery that I made while ooh-ing over a lace batwing cardigan on That’s Chic. Going through his archives threw up equally lovely surprises (although I remain loyally fixated to the cardigan) and for the first time in a long while I found myself going Wow he’s really good! over and over. I can decisively say I really want the. lace. cardigan. mmkay.

Kevin doesn’t retail his designs for now, but he tells me that production plans are in the way for the lace cardigan. Watch this space! (I know I am. A tad too intently)