[Striped tank (worn inside): Logg. White burn-out oversized tee: ASOS. Long woollen coat (not visible): Topshop. Coat: Zara. Leggings: Zara. Shoes: Flea market. Scarf: Burberry. Bag: Cath Kidston.]

So I think the cheery dots on the Cath Kidston tote really worked on keeping the rain away. It was drizzling when we left the house for Borough Market on Saturday morning, but it cleared up good along the way. We even had a generous stretch of sunshine by the time we hit the Thames.

In other equally-spirited news, we tasted the infallible lemon curd tart from Dark Sugars, had a slow sip at Monmouth Coffee (while oglingΒ Steven Lim behind the counter and humming the Growing Up theme song), all before discovering a small troupe of wooden rocking horses, lambs, roosters and other unidentifiable animals in a little side corner. It’s days like these that make me love London all over again.