[Rollsleeve boyfriend tee: ASOS. Leggings: Primark. Coat: Vintage. Shoes: Flea market.]

I wore my faux fur coat to school today and got laughed at by my dissertation tutor when I entered her office. She’s Australian. And feminist.

Two people I know called me stylish yesterday and a classmate told me last week that she always looks at what I wear in school. This honestly surprises me – and I’m not pulling a fake-modest front – because I’ve always worn whatever I wanted, even when everyone else said I was weird. I wouldn’t call me stylish or at the forefront of everything, that’s for sure. But I guess style’s a very personal thing. I suppose this obstinate stance has helped me go through discernible phases where my preferences (palette, silhouette, cut, layering) notably changed while my disregard for trend forecasts remained the same. Like how I got my wetlook leggings about 8 months after everyone else because it was only then that I wanted to wear them. And how I’m still wearing them to death now.