[Tee: Fake Karl for Borders & Frontiers. Blazer: Vintage. Slashed leggings: ASOS. Shoes: Topshop. Ring: Vintage. Bangles: H&M and random thrifted.]

So I went short again. Everyone gave it the thumbs-up but I’m just a little tentative on this, possibly because it’s been two whole years since I had hair this short. I actually think it resembles the pama do they seem to give most little boys who act in Korean dramas (blimey)! Long way from resembling a SNSD girl huh? It also seems that the hairstylist (very funkydory Korean dude named Tiger) thinned out the back of my hair quite a bit because when I slept over at J‘s place last night, the feathers in her case-less pillows poked straight at my scalp.