We’ve sure come a long way from exchanging shy notes in class, haven’t we? I still remember how you entered my life; it was the first supernova I had the courage to chase (and you know how I still don’t do this now). I guess even then I knew what was special even before anyone could tell me what you were like.

We’ve seen each other through a myriad of good and bad haircuts, laughed and cried together, had many an adventure as the Oracle Hero and Celestialis Aetherius (otherwise known as the Goddess) and slayed relationship demons side by side. I can no longer picture my life without you in it – it’s like there’s BJ (Before Jun) and there’s AJ (the current +++). Even as I’m so far away from you now, I have never once felt the distance. I do acutely miss you a lot, but how do I explain that I know we’re always together somehow, taking over the world one step at a time?

I won’t be there to celebrate your quarter-century turn (otherwise known as the new 18) with you, but you must know that there’s nowhere I’d rather be, than in that hot and musty little island, linking arms with you as you blow out that one extra candle.

I love you.