[Reese’s cake by Pickyeatings]

[Reese’s cake slice by Vanilla Kitchen, all via A Cup of Jo]

[Reese’s cake by Bakerella]

[Reese’s cupcakes by Bakerella]

I am quite a fussy strangeling when it comes to food. My ex-colleagues call me the but-girl. I hate most desserts, but I love ice-cream. And well, I hate peanuts, but I love peanut butter!

Anything with Reese’s in it just blows my mind.
(Yeah I’m not hard to please)

I would even have a slice of chocolate ganache cake, but it has to have Reese’s PB cups in it. If only I could just get my daily dose of Reese’s, but of course I have to have swollen tonsils and a throat infection right about NOW.