[Oversized cardigan: Zara. Tee: H&M. Acid leggings: Robotninjas. Heels: Topshop. Rings: Vintage, Topshop. Bracelets: The Desert Foxx, Neu Look, DIY. Necklaces: Ariel Gordon, my own design]

Blessed Good Friday.

I’m taking the train to New Malden for the sake of saving one of my essays (and of course, to stock up on Chocopie), right about now. But not before goofing off in A‘s room and tinkering around with all the weird shit she has on her mantlepiece. I love her faux fireplace – it’s so nouveau riche and just about the perfect substitute for a book shelf.

And this is my new favourite cardigan. It’s so easy to throw on that I’ve practically been living in it since I came back from Zurich. Plus the sleeves are a perfect remedy for bingo wings. Win!