All the memories of last summer, when A and I ate our way through Tokyo, Kyoto and Hakone.

You know I couldn’t eat Japanese food for a full three months after I got back from Japan, simply because nothing back home could match up. I mean it when I say every single thing just tastes divine in Japan, even the simplest instant foods at the konbinis. Case in point: one of the best meals I had in Tokyo was a plastic bowl of piping hot oden, consumed in the most uncomfortable manner just outside a random konbini. I’m sorry if I’m inducing pathetic hunger pangs right now; I’m self-inflicting too.

And I’ve just about given up on finding good Japanese ramen in London. The place J and I went to at Piccadilly Circus plain sucked. Does anyone know of a good place? Pray tell! I’m having lethal cravings that must be satiated; a hungry woman is a dangerous woman.