[From top: waffled croque madame, bacon and egg risotto, twisted pretzels, chorizo hash, jerk chicken, zucchini lasagne, sesame noodles, light chicken francese, taco pie, thin mints. All by The Crepes of Wrath]

In C‘s words, I am craving these ethereal platters like a right mofo. I’ve been alternating between writing my essay and stalking Sydney Kramer’s beyond-amazing food blog, The Crepes of Wrath and peeking at the stuff everyone else is chomping on at Picturing Food & Drink. The best thing about Sydney is that she makes all this incredible nom all by herself and it honestly makes me so ashamed of the crap I’ve been putting into my belly of late. Korean tinned tuna, Japanese fried seaweed crackers and a big sloshing of diet cola, anyone?

The best thing I ate all week was kimchi fried rice. Mehhhhhhhhhhhhh.