Today I didn’t go to the library at all. First time in what? Two weeks? I eat so much better when I’m not stuck in front of the computer or buried nose-deep in a book I don’t understand.

I started the day off at 2pm with two wholewheat crispbreads topped with Japanese gomare dressing. It’s the world’s best salad dressing, I’m convinced. I would bathe all my food in this if I could; the roasted sesame aroma is just amazing and I have M to thank for introducing me to this a year ago.

In the early evening we gathered at Bedales‘ for A‘s birthday. There were two huge boards of antipasti and loads of good wine, but I think the sniffles really got to me and I wasn’t in the mood for any cheese or alcohol. I had a nibble of two slices of roasted sundried tomatoes and two slivers of courgette. Then of course, the pièce de résistance of any day: Korean food. I met a very tired N for a good meal of bibimbap and pa’jeon.

And now I’m back in my warm and toasty little room, with organic hazelnut stroopwaffles for dessert. My belly is happy, and possibly quite ready for yet another day at the library tomorrow.