At this point I think I’m quite ready to claw my skin out. About 1.5 weeks ago I developed a sudden rash that planted itself sporadically all over my body. Each little red spot is extremely itchy and I’ve already scratched about five of them to the point of bursting. Not pretty.

And it seems like whenever a spot of skin starts to itch, these little red bumps cover the site pretty soon after. I have Canesten cream for the more delicate areas that the doctor prescribed and I’m pretty much subsisting on Cetaphil for the rest of my body. Spraying hot water from the shower nozzle does calm the itch a tad, but I know that’s not too good. I think I might have to go in for an anti-histamine jab because the creams only soothe, but they do little to remove the itch and these angry red nasties.