So it was Borough Market again this morning, bringing much-needed respite after a miserable day of bed bug cleansing and annoying itching. Since C left, I haven’t had the willpower to wake up early on a Saturday morning to carry my happy belly to Borough, so I’m really glad I did today. With the awesome company of W and L.

I got to introduce the boys to the amazing lemon curd tart from Dark Sugars and they loved it. Besides that, our personal interests deviated and they loaded up on fresh oysters (yuck) and I got myself half an ostrich burger with wholegrain mustard and a bottle of Argentinian dulce de leche to take home. Can’t wait to smother my fresh sourdough loaf with this baby; that would probably make up for the absolutely horrible froyo I had at Yog to round things up. It was so milky and the toppings didn’t mix well at all. Deep down, I’m really just a simple Yami Yogurt girl at heart.