The nice thing about being home for just a month is that your friends let you get first dibs on your choice of gastronomic poison. And naturally there aren’t any prizes for guessing what I choose. Each. And. Every. Single. Time.

I wasn’t all that impressed by Hansang, because of more reasons than I can count on one hand. But they did do a mean version of 자장면 (black bean noodles) which KC and I both liked. It was rinse and repeat on Monday night when I met C and L for dinner at Your Woul, which was more than a couple of notches above Hansang. The 두부전골 (tofu and beef casserole) was just what we needed to fill our beckoning bellies. And since Your Woul had all these K-Pop posters up on the wall, a much-needed brief education on the wonders of Korean idol groups was presented to L. Whether she wanted to hear it or not.