I’m pretty sure you can tell by these mofo dark circles, but I didn’t sleep last night. And when I don’t get my hours in, there’s almost nothing that compels me to jump out of those PJs, drag a great deal of concealer under my eyes and get out of the house. But today I did.

For the flea market? Naw, it really wasn’t worth going out on a limb for (or even a pinkie), although I did get to see Shini in the flesh and that really made my day. But of course I was too shy to even say hi, so a quick snap of B grabbing these dusty pink heels from her had to suffice.

We did spend a lot of time crumbling Anzac cookies and forking E‘s sour pasta salad into our mouths, all over hot chocolate and wooden kiwis humping. But really, we could have done nothing at Holloway Road and it would still have been one of the best London Sundays I’ve ever had.