[via F21 and ASOS]

My greatest weakness (or strength, depending on how you look at it) would probably be the fact that I am an extremely predictable creature of habit. Ergo, my wardrobe follows an eerily linear pattern with variations of the same things, over and over. And when I like something, you can bet that my little heart will pretty much be set on it; waver me not.

I first spotted the heather grey cut-out top at NastyGal about five months ago, modeled by the amazing Cindy Park, and was THIS determined that I had to have it. But a moment’s hesitation, and it was gone forever. I mourned a great deal and since then, my eagle eyes have been combing the online stores for something similar, if not identical. So imagine my delight when both ASOS and F21 (thanks Chrissypoo!) came out with cut-off tops, and in the same shade of grey too!

And in a smaller voice: I got them both.