I love telling people about how we first met, in that Theories of Sociology class with Forrest Zhang; I will tell that story over and over, to anyone who would listen. It’s what I consider a milestone in this lifetime: the way I met my best friend, this tour de force who just changed my life completely from the moment she called me her “friend for life” (I quote that letter on the back of a used legal pad).

It’s a story about taking chances; it’s about thanking the unsung hero(in)es who have inspired from afar; it’s about reaching out and learning not to be afraid of hugs; it’s about hand-drawn cards with black Pilot V5 ink (the Oracle Hero only used Pilot V5 pens); it’s about hours and hours spent turning a virtual connection into a hand-to-heart one. The day I shyly sent my first email to her and the day she hesitantly passed a card to me in class – I will tell my children and their children about these days.

It’s been almost 6 years since. And I still ask myself every single day now; how in the world did I manage to survive 19 years without my Oracle Hero? Because I sure as hell cannot imagine a day without my best friend, taking on the world. Together.