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I’ll have to admit. These two months of essaying would have been that bit more hellish (all puns intended) if it weren’t for the delish demonslaying duo of Dean and Sam. Brooding, emo-loading, testosterone-packed. I guess it’s obvious why I can’t stand Grey’s Anatomy, which the best friend loves. I’d take adrenaline over sniffy doctors waxing lyrical in hospital lifts. Anyday.


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We finally got down to watching THIS IS IT last Friday, and what can I say?
The King of Pop is the King of Pop.

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Bruno was, to say the least, tres disturbing. 

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Tweed jackets. Dressing like a gentleman. The LBD. No. 5. Love affairs. Monochrome magic. String of pearls. The 2.55.

Who better to front the big screen adaptation of the timeless Gabrielle C.C. than Audrey Tautou?

Opening 27 August in Singapore. I can’t wait.