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[Top: Lucyd Acyd. Coat: Babooshka Boutique. Skirt: Cotton On. Clogs: Rubi. Rings: Random cateye ring from Mom, Pamela Love.]

So I’ve been in blatant denial about the fact that summer’s completely vanished and this autumn is turning out colder than I ever remembered it to be. Truthfully, although this Babooshka geometric cardigan is one of my wardrobe favorites, I hardly ever get to wear it in London because it’s always too cold for it to be worn solo. I wore this when I went for Korean with J the other night and it had to be the one night of the week that the temperature really dipped. The moment we walked out of the restaurant into the bone-chilling 6°C night, he took one look at me and said, “You’re freezing right”?


[Tank tunic: H&M. Vest: Cotton On. Cardigan: H&M Men. Tights: Accessorise. Necklace: Topshop. Shoes: Emporio Armani. Bag: Kenneth Cole Reaction.]

While B took J and me in search of an elusive store on an elusive street somewhere in the maze that is Soho, we ended up discovering so many stunning little nooks and crannies that I never even knew existed. Vintage stores without the droves of bounty hunters synonymous with Brick Lane, kitschy prints and stencilled masterpieces hanging in shop windows, bookstores that instantly take you back 50 years, and the most quaint of watering holes I’ve seen in a long time. Have I really been in London for so long and not even once ventured past the high street? I should be so ashamed.

[Top: H&M. Blazer: Primark. Skinnies: Uniqlo. Shoes: Office @ Topshop. Rings: Pamela Love, Fashionology, Lee Hwa. Watch: Swatch. Hat: Uniqlo]

So it really was the final farewell for E today. While he was his usual cheery and impossibly hyperactive self, the rest of us had to make up plenty of mindless banter to mask the fact that we were just really, really sad. We were sitting outside Starbucks at Holborn guarding the possessions he still had to his name in London. Playing pretend that tomorrow when we wake up, our resident ray of sunshine would still only be one busride away.

I’m pretty sure you can tell by these mofo dark circles, but I didn’t sleep last night. And when I don’t get my hours in, there’s almost nothing that compels me to jump out of those PJs, drag a great deal of concealer under my eyes and get out of the house. But today I did.

For the flea market? Naw, it really wasn’t worth going out on a limb for (or even a pinkie), although I did get to see Shini in the flesh and that really made my day. But of course I was too shy to even say hi, so a quick snap of B grabbing these dusty pink heels from her had to suffice.

We did spend a lot of time crumbling Anzac cookies and forking E‘s sour pasta salad into our mouths, all over hot chocolate and wooden kiwis humping. But really, we could have done nothing at Holloway Road and it would still have been one of the best London Sundays I’ve ever had.

[Well Travelled resin series: Seoul necklace by Skinner Studio, via Etsy]

A couple of months ago, I got myself the resin necklace from Skinner Studio because it was such an awesome find on Etsy and as we all know, Korea has a very special immovable place in my heart. That’s me wearing it up there. Now C, my dear hubsy bubsy, bought herself a resin Well Travelled Denmark ring just the other day, totally without knowing that I’ve got the Seoul version for myself! In the midst of what seems like a few gazillion Etsy shops floating in cyberspace, my hubsy and I have just got to be kindred spirits. Only about 9,350 miles apart.


[Coat: Ralph Lauren. Tee: ASOS. Shorts: Zara. Belt: Vintage. Tights: Accessorise. Boots: Doc Martens. Rings: Alexander McQueen. Topshop. Bracelets: Monica
Vinader, Accessorise, Vintage, H&M]

I’ve realised that for me, red is the antidote to the monotone/gloomy palette I usually gravitate towards. I’m a teensy bit glad that it’s not warming up in London yet (Q told me he went to the beach last weekend! In Montreal!) because I love this coat so much that I want to wear it on every single under-20 day we have here.

Just before the library sesh today, webcamming with my crazy little dog 30,000 miles away. She always refuses to look at the computer screen and I have a hard time trying to capture her oft-waning attention. The McQueen ring (monstrosity on my index finger) seemed to make her look today though. Think from hereon I’ll put on all the shiny happy things I have on my fingers just for that wee bit more love from her.

Canine slave, I am.

[Oversized cardigan: Zara. Tee: H&M. Acid leggings: Robotninjas. Heels: Topshop. Rings: Vintage, Topshop. Bracelets: The Desert Foxx, Neu Look, DIY. Necklaces: Ariel Gordon, my own design]

Blessed Good Friday.

I’m taking the train to New Malden for the sake of saving one of my essays (and of course, to stock up on Chocopie), right about now. But not before goofing off in A‘s room and tinkering around with all the weird shit she has on her mantlepiece. I love her faux fireplace – it’s so nouveau riche and just about the perfect substitute for a book shelf.

And this is my new favourite cardigan. It’s so easy to throw on that I’ve practically been living in it since I came back from Zurich. Plus the sleeves are a perfect remedy for bingo wings. Win!

[Men’s Cardigan: H&M. Tunic: Topshop. Tights: Topshop. Shoes: Vintage Bally. Bag: Vintage Lanvin. Necklace: My design, celestialite stone from Q]

I love:

1. Oversized cardigans that make me palm-less.
2. My mom’s unattended collection of bags from the 80s.

So here’s the story about the bag. My mom was about to throw this Lanvin one out because she said it’s weird for her to carry something they don’t make anymore. I said I wanted it for keeps, precisely because they don’t make them like this anymore.

[Tunic: Zara. Blazer: Thrifted. Shorts: Zara. Necklace: Vintage. Rings: Topshop, Swatch Secret Code. Tights: Wolford. Shoes: Neu Look. Bag: Burberry. Shades: H&M]

The sun came out in her full regalia today in Zurich. It was so nice out that I actually spotted someone sunbathing in a bikini top along the lake, which is mildly ridiculous because it’s not that warm. But I can somewhat understand the desperate sentiments of winter whitelings wanting to put the rosy back on their cheeks. Anyways I put the rosy back on mine with a platefulof luxemburgerli at Sprüngli, washed down with a glass of their signature cold chocolate.