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[The Marine Collection by ALEX&RA]

Now that the weather is finally warming up, there are discernible signs that spring has really descended upon London. What better time than now to break the monotony of winter palettes with multiple happy hues of blue? ALEX&RA does made-to-order lovelies that carry a lovely San Franciscan note with them; I think all of us in rain capitals would benefit from a little love from the Bay Area. I especially like the summer dress with cute white buttons down the front – so awesomely twirlable!

p/s: Would any of my girls be so kind as to get hitched quickly so I have a real excuse to get the dress as a bridesmaid’s morning kit? Pretty please.


[Black & Gold (Tribute to McQueen), k v n by kevin nguyen]

[Lace batwing hoodie, modelled by Rachel Nguyenk v n by kevin nguyen]

[Kevin Nguyen]

The thing I like about going to the Sunday Upmarket at Brick Lane is the significant amount of unabashed talent you can find in one single space, just like how I discovered Laura Dawson and a pair of the coolest shorts ever.

Since then, I haven’t yet actually gotten really excited over an independent designer’s work. Till now, that is. k v n by kevin nguyen was a very accidental discovery that I made while ooh-ing over a lace batwing cardigan on That’s Chic. Going through his archives threw up equally lovely surprises (although I remain loyally fixated to the cardigan) and for the first time in a long while I found myself going Wow he’s really good! over and over. I can decisively say I really want the. lace. cardigan. mmkay.

Kevin doesn’t retail his designs for now, but he tells me that production plans are in the way for the lace cardigan. Watch this space! (I know I am. A tad too intently)

[All images from Luxiare]

Unlike my mother, who has the most dainty fingers among anyone I know, I like my rings chunky, irregular, very metallic and for lack of a better word , fierce. If it makes someone who casts eyes on it think Whoa she could take my eye out with that, it is a good ring.

I especially like the chains-around-quartz rings that Luxiare designed herself, but her other vintage finds make for some fabulous finger armour too. I wish I had time to trawl flea markets now because there you sometimes find the best eye-pokers you could ever put on your fingers.

[Would you like some eyes?, Ink and watercolour on paper, by Marc Johns]

There’s something very innocent and also very naughty about Marc Johns’ work that remind me of my favourite illustrator of all time, Quentin Blake.

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[Enamoured pencil set by Paper Pastries, via Etsy]

Pencil a love note somewhere?

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[Image from Fashion Confidential, via AnOther Mag]

Karl Lagerfeld stepped away from his usual monotone palette for Chanel’s SS/10 Couture Collection. “Neon Baroque”, they term it.

I like the behind-the-scenes look at the “1,300 hundred hours” ( I honestly don’t know if this is a typo made by AnOther. If it isn’t, it’s extremely scary) spent bringing a parade of lace, tulle, gentle pleats, cut-outs and all things flimsy-whimsical to life.

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[Calligraphy tattoo, via Betsy Dunlop]

I first stumbled upon this beautiful tattoo on A Cup of Jo (a gem of a blog I really should be reading more of). Betsy Dunlop offers amazing calligraphy for special projects, and this must be one of the most special ever – the names of his daughters on a father’s arm. Forever.

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[Sterling silver double fingerprint heart necklace by Rock My World Inc, via Etsy]

I carry your heart with me
(I carry it in my heart)

– e.e. cummings

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[Well Travelled Necklace – Seoul by Skinnerstudio, via Etsy]

It’s a good topic of research, seeing as how white/cream feature so prominently in my wardrobe.
Now if only I could write my essays on that, I would be so damned focused.
Because right now, I’m spending way too much time on Etsy.

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[Handcrafted C initial pendant in sterling silver by Ariel Gordon Jewellery]

Sometimes the best things are the simplest, and the most beautiful.
Ariel Gordon, like me, probably believes that good things come in small packages.

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