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[T-shirt dress: Zara. Oversized hoodie: H&M. Faux leather jacket: Topshop. Scarf: Accessorize. Leggings: Blanco. Bag: Burberry.]

I’m wearing the H&M hoodie almost every single day. Me likey.

Pierre Herme macarons and kimbap from the Korean grocer’s made my tummy very happy on a gloomy day. The weather’s been quite a bitch the past two weeks and the tiny sliver of sunshine we had today passed by in a matter of minutes (all the time that my dear friend C needed to slam her credit card at the till to make the Bayswater in chocolate hers). Our little trip to Bicester Village yielded lots of cool finds, but the both of us felt really strange when we entered the McQueen store. It was almost as if everyone in there – the staff and all the customers – were united in establishing a consistently sombre and muted air. Everyone misses Lee McQueen.


[Black & Gold (Tribute to McQueen), k v n by kevin nguyen]

[Lace batwing hoodie, modelled by Rachel Nguyenk v n by kevin nguyen]

[Kevin Nguyen]

The thing I like about going to the Sunday Upmarket at Brick Lane is the significant amount of unabashed talent you can find in one single space, just like how I discovered Laura Dawson and a pair of the coolest shorts ever.

Since then, I haven’t yet actually gotten really excited over an independent designer’s work. Till now, that is. k v n by kevin nguyen was a very accidental discovery that I made while ooh-ing over a lace batwing cardigan on That’s Chic. Going through his archives threw up equally lovely surprises (although I remain loyally fixated to the cardigan) and for the first time in a long while I found myself going Wow he’s really good! over and over. I can decisively say I really want the. lace. cardigan. mmkay.

Kevin doesn’t retail his designs for now, but he tells me that production plans are in the way for the lace cardigan. Watch this space! (I know I am. A tad too intently)

[Pink Wings, Vogue Girl Korea {March 2010}. Images from All K Pop.]

Sulli f(x), Victoria f(x), Park Shin Hye, Min Hyorin, Seo In-Young & Yoon Eun Hye bling in pink.

p/s: It’s not my colour, but I’d really like the jewelled pink blazer Park Shin Hye’s wearing. Don’t think I have enough moolah to bid for it in the Pink Wings campaign so I’ll be on the look-out for a pocket-friendly alternative. But if you’d like to snag that for yourself and you can read Korean, why not do it and make a contribution at the same time?

[Nicole Farhi SS/2010 Show Collection, images via London Fashion Week]

Just as I falling in and out of sleep on the bus to class this morning, Nicole Farhi was sending her FW/2010 collection down the runway at London Fashion Week.

I’ve always loved how easy to wear her creations are; you can live in one of her separates for an entire week and yet never look the same as you pair it up with thingums already in your wardrobe. In addition to anticipating the new looks she put on the runway today, I must say I really like her SS/2010 show collection. Plus the fact that Tao Okamoto walked for her.

[All images from That’s Chic]

Rachel Nguyen’s chosen the loveliest outerwear for both freezing New York and the gentle Californian winter.

Super slouchy Barney CO-OP cardigan and a grey blazer that’s a robe hybrid? Oh yes.

[Image by Teen Vogue]

The Wonder Girls were spotted at New York Fashion Week and they caught up with Teen Vogue at the Milly Fall/2010 show.

On a not-so-good note though, isn’t it just about Sun Mi’s last week as a Wonder Girl? 😦

They’re really going places, aren’t they? From opening for the Jonas Brothers to snagging a year-end #1 on the US Billboard Charts, and then smiling their way into Teen Vogue. Boa, who?

[All images from Luxiare]

Unlike my mother, who has the most dainty fingers among anyone I know, I like my rings chunky, irregular, very metallic and for lack of a better word , fierce. If it makes someone who casts eyes on it think Whoa she could take my eye out with that, it is a good ring.

I especially like the chains-around-quartz rings that Luxiare designed herself, but her other vintage finds make for some fabulous finger armour too. I wish I had time to trawl flea markets now because there you sometimes find the best eye-pokers you could ever put on your fingers.

[Mesh sleeve faded top by Rekiem, sold out on Pixie Market]

[Crochet point-toe beige flats by Hibon, via Pixie Market]

[Slouchy tan trousers worn with grey stripe top by Mink Pink. Top sold out on Pixie Market]

[Roman camel skirt, via Pixie Market]

[Khaki sleeveless trench jacket by Feature, via Pixie Market]

The moment I saw the front page display at Pixie Market put the spotlight on neutral gear, I felt a couple of waves of envy pass through my stomach. I’ve never done neutral hues well, seeing as how grey/cream/white/black are unmovable staples in my closet, but maybe it’s time to invest in a few pieces of camel, nude or khaki. Starting with khaki leggings.

Now if only I didn’t just make a grey overload purchase on ASOS last night. Because that khaki sleeveless trench is really right up my alley.

[White and grey tanks: H&M. Checkered cotton jacket: Vintage, Tokyo. Wetlook leggings: Zara. Boots: Shoezone, New Malden.]

We had hotpot two nights in a row, complete with very obese dumplings that kept bursting when we put them into boiling broth. (It doesn’t pay to be greedy)

And of course, what is lunar new year without White Rabbit Candy? Growing up, my grandma never bought any other sweets for the festive holiday save for White Rabbit Candy and Trebor’s butterscotch toffees. Our sticky little fingers would work really fast alternating between these and her buttery pineapple tarts. Speaking of my grandma, she would be really happy to know that I wore red this year instead of my usual inauspicious grey or white. This red checkered cotton jacket is my favourite-ever vintage find – procured in a little basement in Shibuya, Tokyo. It might look like a really ordinary find, but you won’t believe how difficult it is for me to find checkered clothing that looks and feels just right. Not too long, too checkered, too uncheckered, too thick, too colourful or too cuffed. Just right.

Okay. I’ve decided to take my camera and my wardrobe a little more seriously.

[Plaid shirt, tights: Topshop. Shorts: DKNY. Ankle boots: Neu Look. Watch: vintage Alba]

There is no way I am going to put myself through the torture of being in Chinatown the day before the eve of the Lunar New Year ever again. Doesn’t matter where in the world I happen to be.

People can kill. Throngs of people can kill. Throngs of people with heavy red baskets knocking into the back of your knees will kill.

I played with the snowglobe over and over when I got home. Then I got a bit calmer.