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[Coat: Ralph Lauren. Tee: ASOS. Shorts: Zara. Belt: Vintage. Tights: Accessorise. Boots: Doc Martens. Rings: Alexander McQueen. Topshop. Bracelets: Monica
Vinader, Accessorise, Vintage, H&M]

I’ve realised that for me, red is the antidote to the monotone/gloomy palette I usually gravitate towards. I’m a teensy bit glad that it’s not warming up in London yet (Q told me he went to the beach last weekend! In Montreal!) because I love this coat so much that I want to wear it on every single under-20 day we have here.


Just before the library sesh today, webcamming with my crazy little dog 30,000 miles away. She always refuses to look at the computer screen and I have a hard time trying to capture her oft-waning attention. The McQueen ring (monstrosity on my index finger) seemed to make her look today though. Think from hereon I’ll put on all the shiny happy things I have on my fingers just for that wee bit more love from her.

Canine slave, I am.

[T-shirt dress: Zara. Oversized hoodie: H&M. Faux leather jacket: Topshop. Scarf: Accessorize. Leggings: Blanco. Bag: Burberry.]

I’m wearing the H&M hoodie almost every single day. Me likey.

Pierre Herme macarons and kimbap from the Korean grocer’s made my tummy very happy on a gloomy day. The weather’s been quite a bitch the past two weeks and the tiny sliver of sunshine we had today passed by in a matter of minutes (all the time that my dear friend C needed to slam her credit card at the till to make the Bayswater in chocolate hers). Our little trip to Bicester Village yielded lots of cool finds, but the both of us felt really strange when we entered the McQueen store. It was almost as if everyone in there – the staff and all the customers – were united in establishing a consistently sombre and muted air. Everyone misses Lee McQueen.

[Freshness Mag]

RIP Alexander McQueen.

The world has truly lost a genius.

For helping to change the history of British fashion forever, for inimitable avant garde that never failed to wow, and for always pushing the limits fearlessly.