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I hope my grandmothers don’t mind, but I think I’m going monotone for the Lunar New Year.





[Images via VisualizeUs]


I love text tattoos. There is something very surreal about permanently inking words to live by on skin. Faces change and weather so much with time, making portraits almost impossible to preserve in their purest essence. Symbols and objects are taken in and more often than not, swiftly forgotten. But words; words have the ability to transcend infinitely, wielding more mettle than any old sword could.




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This is probably going to be the most coveted of all H&M collaborations, and with good reason too. Alber Elbaz has left out none of his usual pizzazz: that slick fine line between grab-your-schtick masculinity and an exceedingly back-to-basics austere femininity, all coupled with immaculate tailoring the whole time. I’m expecting the queues to meander long and wide, and I’ll be diving in there myself.




Goldsmiths ’10 MA Design Degree Show

We headed down to Shoreditch Town Hall for C and M‘s design degree show, which was centred around the theme of design for living. C‘s space blanket design that basically works a lot like a hug machine for two individuals separated by distance and M‘s shifting plant wall were designs I actually could see being incorporated into daily living, as were the designs for breaking bad habits and the most intriguing exploration of intelligent light. They aren’t just audacious contemporary designs that cost an arm and a supermodel’s leg (I once saw a documentary of a British artist pricing a doorknob he had attached to a blue wall for £9,000 and calling that a real bargain), but real specimens of how the blur between art and life could actually prove to be of value.

And you know, I tried to convince M to patent her plant wall design so that when I have my own apartment in the future, I can lay claim to a Martina Wu piece of my own!

And while we’re still looking at a Rational Society, a’la Rumi’s amazing dress, we shouldn’t forget the rest of the equally ogle-worthy goodies from the same mother.

The palette? Ooh. The slouch factor? Ooh. The endless possibilities? Ooh.

But most of all, the cunningly deceptive simplicity? Ooh and a big UH HUH.

[Have necklace, via Return To Me]

Join the dots and voila!
Although I think if I was doing this, I’d probably kill myself over deciding on a pattern to make. Or fray the threads so much they won’t fit through the holes. I’m like the lousiest DIY person ever. Oh, except for canvas shoe racks – I do them up good.

[via Logan Neitzel]

If I do something I think is new, it will be misunderstood, but if people like it, I will be disappointed because I haven’t pushed them enough. The more people hate it, maybe the newer it is. Because the fundamental human problem is that people are afraid of change. The place I am always looking for—because in order to keep the business I need to make a little compromise between my values and customers’ values—is the place where I make something that could almost—but not quite—be understood by everyone.

When I grow up, I want to be like Rei Kawakubo.
Building an empire out of a vision, remaining true to that for forty years (and then some), and remaining as anonymous as it is humanly possible for a woman of her stature.



In the Mood for Love


[Rodarte x Maggie Cheung, via AnOther Mag]

Drawing inspiration from Maggie Cheung’s unforgettable screen presence almost already promises creations that are at once timeless and at once ethereal. Nobody works a cheongsam or makes a chignon look the way she would wear it. The sketches already make this point quite clear.

Check out these four Kate and Laura Mulleavy gems in film, here.

[The Marine Collection by ALEX&RA]

Now that the weather is finally warming up, there are discernible signs that spring has really descended upon London. What better time than now to break the monotony of winter palettes with multiple happy hues of blue? ALEX&RA does made-to-order lovelies that carry a lovely San Franciscan note with them; I think all of us in rain capitals would benefit from a little love from the Bay Area. I especially like the summer dress with cute white buttons down the front – so awesomely twirlable!

p/s: Would any of my girls be so kind as to get hitched quickly so I have a real excuse to get the dress as a bridesmaid’s morning kit? Pretty please.

[All images from Luxiare]

Unlike my mother, who has the most dainty fingers among anyone I know, I like my rings chunky, irregular, very metallic and for lack of a better word , fierce. If it makes someone who casts eyes on it think Whoa she could take my eye out with that, it is a good ring.

I especially like the chains-around-quartz rings that Luxiare designed herself, but her other vintage finds make for some fabulous finger armour too. I wish I had time to trawl flea markets now because there you sometimes find the best eye-pokers you could ever put on your fingers.