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[Images via The Atlantic]


The resilience, courage and beauty of the Japanese people have emerged – whole – through the devastation.

You can contribute to the rescue efforts by making a donation to the Red Cross.

And remember to keep on praying for Japan.




Japan is an amazing country.

The food, the fashion, the drinks, the gazillion little things you learn everyday just by walking on the streets, guidebook and trusty camera in hand.

Okay, make that not-so-trusty camera(s). I had to use a total of three cameras on this trip, in just four days alone, before I finally gave up and bought a new one.

But still! Tokyo is awesome, especially since we averted the 6.6 quake and typhoon in the 2 days we were in Kyoto. And also because we discovered Yebisu beer jelly today.

And tomorrow, A and I turn… fangirls! 🙂