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[Well Travelled resin series: Seoul necklace by Skinner Studio, via Etsy]

A couple of months ago, I got myself the resin necklace from Skinner Studio because it was such an awesome find on Etsy and as we all know, Korea has a very special immovable place in my heart. That’s me wearing it up there. Now C, my dear hubsy bubsy, bought herself a resin Well Travelled Denmark ring just the other day, totally without knowing that I’ve got the Seoul version for myself! In the midst of what seems like a few gazillion Etsy shops floating in cyberspace, my hubsy and I have just got to be kindred spirits. Only about 9,350 miles apart.



[Oversized geometric boyfriend cardigan in black by BABOOSHKA, via Etsy]

This honestly made me gasp when I chanced upon it. BABOOSHKA has done it again.

Even the item description made me chuckle:

Who needs a boyfriend when you have this lovely sweater to snuggle up with!
Day or night companionship is one click away!

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[Boyfriend sweater tunic in grey by BABOOSHKA, via Etsy]

Maybe age is catching up with me but I find that I no longer go for bright palettes and happy print. Or bold standalone pieces.

Solid, clean, marginally structured and easy-peasy layering pieces do it for me now.

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[Sterling silver double fingerprint heart necklace by Rock My World Inc, via Etsy]

I carry your heart with me
(I carry it in my heart)

– e.e. cummings

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[Well Travelled Necklace – Seoul by Skinnerstudio, via Etsy]

It’s a good topic of research, seeing as how white/cream feature so prominently in my wardrobe.
Now if only I could write my essays on that, I would be so damned focused.
Because right now, I’m spending way too much time on Etsy.

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