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[via Vogue Italia]


Shot by Vincent Peters for the May ’11 issue of Italian Vogue, Ann Ward looks absolutely ethereal.

She almost looks like a siren, wilting in the dry heat while waiting for the next unsuspecting sailor to come her way. Half woman, half bird. She’s so pensive, she’s so elusive, she’s so willowy, she’s so out-of-body. She’s so, pretty. So very pretty.






[Pink Wings, Vogue Girl Korea {March 2010}. Images from All K Pop.]

Sulli f(x), Victoria f(x), Park Shin Hye, Min Hyorin, Seo In-Young & Yoon Eun Hye bling in pink.

p/s: It’s not my colour, but I’d really like the jewelled pink blazer Park Shin Hye’s wearing. Don’t think I have enough moolah to bid for it in the Pink Wings campaign so I’ll be on the look-out for a pocket-friendly alternative. But if you’d like to snag that for yourself and you can read Korean, why not do it and make a contribution at the same time?

[Image via Park & Cube]

Every once in a while I find inspiration that really hits me in the face (in a good, non-disfigurement sort of way). Shini of Park & Cube was a lightning bolt in the middle of this starless London sky and I am furiously looking through her archives in the way only a semi-deranged or seriously-inspired person would at 4am in the morning.

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[Daily kit shots by Alice Point]

Out of the scores of fashion bloggers around, I yearn for Rumi’s amazing wardrobe and enviable threads, love Lulu’s wonderful mix of simplicity and fascinating irreverence,  and of course I fall at the feet of THE Scott Schuman.

But if I were to point out (lousy pun) the fashion blogger who’s got it most up my alley and whose wardrobe staples could easily be the ones I’ve got, it would be the lovely Alice Point.

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