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The resilience, courage and beauty of the Japanese people have emerged – whole – through the devastation.

You can contribute to the rescue efforts by making a donation to the Red Cross.

And remember to keep on praying for Japan.




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Oh Kiko, you lookin’ mighty fly.

All the memories of last summer, when A and I ate our way through Tokyo, Kyoto and Hakone.

You know I couldn’t eat Japanese food for a full three months after I got back from Japan, simply because nothing back home could match up. I mean it when I say every single thing just tastes divine in Japan, even the simplest instant foods at the konbinis. Case in point: one of the best meals I had in Tokyo was a plastic bowl of piping hot oden, consumed in the most uncomfortable manner just outside a random konbini. I’m sorry if I’m inducing pathetic hunger pangs right now; I’m self-inflicting too.

And I’ve just about given up on finding good Japanese ramen in London. The place J and I went to at Piccadilly Circus plain sucked. Does anyone know of a good place? Pray tell! I’m having lethal cravings that must be satiated; a hungry woman is a dangerous woman.

August 2009

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I haven’t been in a country that takes its convenience stores, or konbini, as seriously as Japan does.


I was floored when I entered my first one in Tokyo. Rows and rows of amazing foods, packaged thoughtfully with the exact utensils and extra details you’ll find you can’t do without once you chow down. Konbini is a science in itself, fo’sho.

And did I mention that there’s none of that awful cardboard-tasting plastic-smelling gunk we’ve come to associate so closely with convenience store food?

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Have you ever walked by somebody on the street and just had to, even if it killed you, take a picture to remember that moment forever?

This was one of these moments for me.



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I must have Q‘s glasses!
Can they get any more fetch?

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We were in Tokyo during the Obon period, which is when the Japanese go back to their hometowns and take to the street in traditional garb.

I especially love how the yukatas and kimonos trawl alongside the contemporary-clad folk. The juxtaposition is just fascinating. Tells you a lot about the Japanese style identity: bold, individualistic, diverse and irreverantly inspiring.

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Japan is an amazing country.

The food, the fashion, the drinks, the gazillion little things you learn everyday just by walking on the streets, guidebook and trusty camera in hand.

Okay, make that not-so-trusty camera(s). I had to use a total of three cameras on this trip, in just four days alone, before I finally gave up and bought a new one.

But still! Tokyo is awesome, especially since we averted the 6.6 quake and typhoon in the 2 days we were in Kyoto. And also because we discovered Yebisu beer jelly today.

And tomorrow, A and I turn… fangirls! 🙂

Shinjuku night

Memories of Time


3 more days to glossy junctions, twisted fashion, hot springs, temples (at J‘s insistence) and many a steaming bowl of ramen stewed in hours of bone and cartillage goodness.

And Shibuya 109? I’m told it’s like Far East Plaza on steroids.

Can’t wait! 🙂