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[Image via Pink Kitten]


I die. I seriously die.

Jeffrey Campbell should be notified of the existence of his biggest fan, ever. And quite possibly, the only person who sweeps the shelves clean of pastel pink JCs. I want to sweep her shelves clean.

But she doesn’t have to worry; I’ll leave the pastel pink pairs behind.







[The Fashion Darling]

Not the Chanel clogs and not even the JC Charli, but I got them cloggies!

I have to say that at heights above 5″, wedges and wider-than-average wooden heels that are the epitome of sturdy are so much more merciful to my bunions. And they make me ask what a stiletto actually is.

[Daisy Lace tank]

[Let’s Split tee in gray]

[Belted safari skirt, image taken from elsewhere on site]

[Hi/Lo fringe knit in ivory]

[Seneca Rising Sloan fishnet dress]

[Pixie-zip wedge in leather by Jeffrey Campbell. All images from Nasty Gal]

Happy April Fools’.

I don’t really have much to say today, except:

1. Some just-in stuff from Nasty Gal look quite fitting for the spring we are still awaiting.

2. It’s been raining every single damn day this week.

3. I’m giving myself till the end of this week to think about the P. Love ring.