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Did you hear? We threw them mortar boards up in the air, and we graduated.





My favorite boy at Goldsmiths goes byebye.

Honestly, farewells suck balls. Especially when it’s about time to say goodbye to the boy who cheers you up with a “Hey, we have Master’s now! Life is great!” and makes you do dubious M-handsigns to celebrate, who delivers cheesecake and strawberry-banana smoothies to ease the transition between your 6,000th word and your 8,000th, who almost manages to convince you that there really isn’t anything wrong with shamelessly and hedonistically enjoying life, one wave of sunshine at a time.

I will miss you, E.

How bittersweet, now that we’ve all attended our last lecture.
Wasn’t it just yesterday when we trudged up to the MRB for our welcome briefing?

Where did all my borrowed time go?