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[Pamela Love Rope X bracelet, via Forward by Revolve]





[via F21 and ASOS]

My greatest weakness (or strength, depending on how you look at it) would probably be the fact that I am an extremely predictable creature of habit. Ergo, my wardrobe follows an eerily linear pattern with variations of the same things, over and over. And when I like something, you can bet that my little heart will pretty much be set on it; waver me not.

I first spotted the heather grey cut-out top at NastyGal about five months ago, modeled by the amazing Cindy Park, and was THIS determined that I had to have it. But a moment’s hesitation, and it was gone forever. I mourned a great deal and since then, my eagle eyes have been combing the online stores for something similar, if not identical. So imagine my delight when both ASOS and F21 (thanks Chrissypoo!) came out with cut-off tops, and in the same shade of grey too!

And in a smaller voice: I got them both.

[Louise Amstrup via ASOS]

I really haven’t had much gusto for dresses the entire summer and now that fall is here, I’d be even less inclined to bare my legs for the brutal wind and annoying raindrops to desecrate.

But these Louise Amstrup babies are really tickling my fancy. Panel dresses, draped swing skirts; light and airy goodness in a one-piece.

Well, I just might battle some brutal wind and annoying raindrops in the name of, you know, admiration for Louise A.

[Seneca Rising, via Pixie Market]

[The Scarlet Room]


[via 4EVA MALL]

To go for coffee (hot chocolate) runs in. To accidentally fall asleep in. To dress up. To dress down.

Just perfect.

[via Pixie Market]

I don’t think it’s the best time for me to be eyeballing netted silken tops, with 2500 words still hanging over my head. But whatever; it makes me happy. And being a happy essay-writer is much better than being an unhappy one.


[Vintage patched leather backpack, via Nasty Gal]

When I was nine, I had this black leather backpack that I carried everywhere. It had chunky silver zippers and a corny metal clip that worked like a carabiner. I carried that backpack for three whole years until those fugly neon Esprit tote bags came into vogue for silly little girls who didn’t know better. And of course I was one of them. I stopped carrying my backpack and spent my allowance on three of them darned totes (black, striped and hot pink) and the Spice Girls CD or something.

I certainly know better now.

[Babooshka oversized swoosh tee in grey & box tee in white]

[Lindsey Thornburg cloak, via Bona Drag]


[Amo Ut Invenio silver and bone enamel ring by Shaun Leane]

[Choose-your-colour-and-chain braided silk friendship bracelet by Ariel Gordon]

[Aikea Guinea ring by Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons, via Bona Drag]

[Hinged Plate ring by Eddie Borgo]

[Feather necklace by House of Harlow 1960, via ASOS]

[Fiji Luck bracelet by Monica Vinader, via Astley Clarke]

[Fiji Success bracelet by Monica Vinader, via Astley Clarke]

My mom has quite an enviable collection of jewellery (especially rings) and she’s always on the lookout for good designs everywhere she goes. When I was younger I really detested the part of our shopping trips where she had to look at jewellery because that really was the last thing on my mind. It was more like When can we go to TopShop alreadyyyyyy!

Now that I’m older, my appreciation for jewellery has taken on a life of its own. Something I would never have imagined when I was an angsty young’in. I guess I can only say I am my mother’s daughter.

p/s: I got the Monica Vinader Fiji Success bracelet. And the Shaun Leane Amo Ut Invenio ring says Tempty Tempty.